Dolcetto d’Acqui D.O.C. 2019 “Serpegatto”


Varietal: 100% Dolcetto

Harvest: 2019

Alcoholic strength: 12,5% vol

Bottle capacity: 750ml

Color: intense ruby red
Perfume: typical, pleasantly open to purple mammola
Taste: dry, with slight hints of almond in the finale
Service temperature: environment 18 – 20 degrees
It pairs admirably with all the first and second dishes of earth


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Aged in the winery’s cellars for one year in stainless steel barrels, for six months in the ancient “Cementine,” concrete barrels used in the last century before the advent of fiberglass and steel, and for one year in the bottle. Cement has a number of peculiar characteristics such as:

– Insulation, or resistance to the passage of heat. Cement is, in fact, an excellent thermal insulator. It guarantees a constant temperature and prevents sudden changes or thermal shocks that could have negative and degenerative effects on the wine.

– moderate porosity. In this regard, cement is halfway between wood, more porous, and steel, less porous. Cement ensures minimal passage of air and oxygen, which is essential for proper, not premature, slow and controlled, maturation of the wine.

– Protection from external vibrations. Wine stored in tanks produced with this material is less subject to dangerous vibrations that prevent an ideal evolution of the wine.

– neutrality. Cement is a neutral material that, unlike wood, does not yield aromatic substances to the wine such as to change its bouquet of aromas and its aromatic heritage.

Our wines stored in cement tanks are therefore characterized by:

– Maximum expression of the aromas and properties of the terroir and grape variety of origin. This is the most immediate characteristic of wines produced or evolving into cement. While the wood gives part of its aromatic substances to the wine, enriching its bouquet of tertiary aromas, the cement preserves those typical of the territory and of the vine from which the nectar is obtained.

– freshness, cleanliness, roundness and authenticity are other obvious characteristics of wines stored in concrete.

This does not mean that concrete is better than wood or steel. Rather, the choice to vinify using this material reveals our philosophy as producers but, above all, what characteristics of our wines we intend to stand out and highlight.

In short, not a quality judgment but a clue about the properties and characteristics of nectar.

Color: intense ruby red
The nose has spicy and raspberry accents but it is the mouth that drags, with agility and fluency: savory, greedy, satisfying sip. Owns a
balance in tune with the type to which it belongs: subtle acidity integrated in a
harmonious body.

Service temperature: environment 18 – 20 degrees

“Serpegatto” is a versatile wine: playing a bit with serving temperatures, it accompanies well structured sausage-based aperitifs, but it is also an excellent companion throughout the meal.

A limited selection of grappa is made from the pomace.

Awarded in 2021 as one of the “Top Hundred” or best one hundred wines in Italy, this wine is made exclusively from Dolcetto grapes grown on our estate.

After crushing, the slow and judicious fermentation at low temperature (i.e., autumn fermentation) infuses the wine with such characteristic aromas and flavors that at the time of tasting it can be considered a “meditation wine.”


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