Jeroboam 3 liters Classic Method V.S.Q. Zero Dosage “Fog Bubbles” – Wooden box


Classic Method Sparkling Wine
Harvest: 2009
Grape variety: 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay
Alcoholic strength: 12,5% vol
Bottle capacity: 3000ml

Classification: Zero Dosage (Brut Nature)

Serving temperature: cool 8 – 10 degrees
Permanence on the lees 12 years. After disgorgement it remains in the bottle for aging until the moment of consumption.

Complete with wooden box decorated with pyrograph.

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To the eye: Intense straw yellow tending to golden blond. The strong brilliance, shine and crystalline appearance complete the visual notes of the product. 
The bubbles are fine, columnar, delicate, light, a veritable shower of streamers shattering into gold,  swirling, pirouetting, never too abundant, discreet and well distributed. The foam is creamy, white, persistent, alive, elegant, well-kept, organized in a thin crown, a necklace of fine pearls that plays with the walls of the glass.
Bouquet: The approach of Metodo Classico to our nose is like the overture to an opera: after an effluvium of white flowers, bread crust, ripe fruit, thyme and acacia honey make their appearance. The aromas are volatile and evolved, fine, classy, with a marked preponderance of yeasts.
Taste: The palate will find all the answers to its questions and will appreciate all the harmonies. The papillae will recognize an accent of ripe pear of particular roundness and softness, sensations of undergrowth, toast, extreme finesse.

Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with fish, shellfish and shellfish dishes.

White earths on hilly terraces give these excellent grapes that we press gently in order to get only the flower of the must. Time does the rest, a slow fermentation in the bottle, and a maturation that lasts until the time of consumption.

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