The Early Dawns

Cascina Bertolotto, owned by the Galantini family, in the early nineteenth century consisted of a “cascinotto” (small stone or wooden building comprising a maximum of two rooms) surrounded by a substantial plot of land.
The farmhouse was in support of another farmhouse located in Serole owned by the Traversa family, ancestors of the previous owners of the farm.
In the land adjacent to that “cascinotto” was produced the wine necessary for the family consumption of the residents in the other farmhouse in Serole.
Among the many members of the Traversa family was the parish priest of Spigno Monferrato, Don Francesco Traversa, who advised his nephew Giuseppe, grandfather of the current owner, to live permanently in “Bertolotto” to devote himself professionally to the cultivation of the vine and the creation of a real company for the production of wine.

From Spigno Monferrato to Italy

Giuseppe Traversa, following the council, created the first relations and contacts for the supply of his wine with both the Royal House of Savoy and with the family of General Paolo Spingardi, Commander General of the Carabinieri Army and Minister of War during the First World War of 1914-1918, illustrious citizen of Spigno Monferrato.
At the beginning of this century contacts were also established with the ecclesiastical hierarchies since the Company already produced an excellent wine of muscat grapes, appreciated as wine from Mass.
Following this tradition in 1984-85 began some supplies of wine to his Holiness John Paul II and to the then President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini. Both really appreciated such wine as can be seen from the thank you letters included here.

The tradition continues

Giuseppe Traversa’s son, Virginio, continued the work undertaken by his father and passed on to his children the love and passion for the cultivation of the vine along with all the traditions and secrets to obtain a product of high quality and extreme sophistication.
Virginio’s son, Giuseppe and his nephew Fabio led the company until the early two thousand years in the purest family traditions, applying, however, the modern winemaking techniques in use today.

Future-oriented with roots well planted in the past

Under the guidance of Gianfranco Galantini, Cascina Bertolotto today sets itself the ambitious goal of reaching a higher level, which allows it to be present with its own labels in the most prestigious realities of national and international catering and hotellerie.

The collaboration with the best professionals in the agronomic and oenological field, has allowed the birth of wines with unique and sophisticated characteristics, while maintaining a strong link with the centuries-old tradition of the company.